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Faces of Gujurat

As the autowallah maneuvered his vehicle through the clogged arteries of the old city, he decided to break the silence with an offhand comment about the “unchecked” mushrooming of roadside stalls. They were never here during the Congress’s rule you know. Only once Bajpah (BJP) came into power did we […]

A Palace For Goats

“Its interiors were once adorned with expensive carpets and exclusive chandeliers. The gardens blossomed with flowers and fountains made the ambience livelier. A marvellous piece of European style architecture …. the Khursheed Jah Devdi in Hussaini Alam” “It was constructed by Paigah noble Nawab Fakhruddin, who built several other palaces […]

In Shadows And Dust

Hyderabad, like any city with its considerable share of rodents and humans, exists in a constant state of flux – the diarrhea of life flows uninterrupted. People from all over the world – the city has a certain propensity for the Muslim nations, easily explained by its origins – call […]