58.85% of new leprosy cases in the world are in India. 1.27 lakhs new cases of leprosy were reported in India during 2013-14. 12,043 new cases of leprosy during 2013-14 were children. In 13 states/UT more than 10% of new cases detected were, children. 46845 new cases of leprosy […]

Fixed Focus

Exercises in thinking aren’t always futile. Even if the extent of their success lies in a new, un-thought of, thought. Trying to come up with something interesting to do on the next photo walk, I thought, hey, why not walk from my place in the city to my friend’s place […]

The VSCO'd People

I am terrible at projects. While I seek and find inspiration in everything and everyone around me, I am just as quick to embrace the bosom of procrastination. Tiresome combination. So, to ensure that there exists some momentum, some allusion to progress, I’ve decided to do the work first and […]

In Shadows And Dust

Hyderabad, like any city with its considerable share of rodents and humans, exists in a constant state of flux – the diarrhea of life flows uninterrupted. People from all over the world – the city has a certain propensity for the Muslim nations, easily explained by its origins – call […]